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Welcome to the “Our Products” section of Modern Systems Co. We take immense pride in presenting a diverse portfolio of products that reflect our commitment to excellence and innovation. Here, you’ll find a comprehensive selection of items designed to meet the needs and expectations of our valued clientele.

First class Items

In Rifaie Group we empower your industry by providing you with the right products, while we can support you with all components, systems and spare parts related to: Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Filtration & fluids Care, Greasing & Lubrication, Heavy-duty Power Tools, Filtration, Industrial Remote Controls, Sensors & Monitoring Systems and many other products that make your system more efficient and reliable.

Modern Sysco

All first-class Motion and Control products

As we work only with first-class brands, we became an exclusive distributor for many of the best companies worldwide in motion and control fields, to provide the local & regional market with all related products.

Our brands

Ultimate Customer Experience

We will be so glad to provide you with all of needed components, spare parts or systems in our scope of business. Since we have branches in Jordan, Egypt, and Iraq, to support our customers in everywhere.  As we may help you to provide you with the perfect replacement or equivalent products. For any inquiries, please feel free to contact us.



We represent many first-class brands such as Rexroth, Danfoss, Parker, HYDAC, etc., in all of their Hydraulic components and spare parts such as:



We can provide you with all needed pneumatic components and systems such as valves, actuators, cylinders, and all related products.


Greasing and Lubrication

We cover a wide-range of greasing and lubrication products from SKF – Lincoln.


Hoses and fittings

Our group’s branch (technical Center for machinery supplies), is your best place to provide you with all hoses, fittings, and pipes you ever need.


Heavy-duty Power tools

As we represent the no.1 company in this field SPX we offer wide range of Heavy-duty Power tools, such as: torque wrenches, pullers, tensioners, etc.



By representing the best companies in the filtration field we can offer the whole filtration needs, either as filter elements or filtration units and tools.


Industrial Controls

AS HBC-Radiomatic distributor we cover the market with all needed components of the Industrial remote Control technology, and all related spare parts


Sensors and monitoring systems

In this field we provide many different industrial sensors and monitoring systems related to all parameters and measurements needed in many industrial fields.