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We provide markets with products, systems, services, and Training, in topics motion and control, such as Hydraulic systems, Pneumatic Systems, Greasing systems and Filtration systems.

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Feel free to contact us for any needed support, product or consultations related to motion and control field.

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We represent a service partner in Jordan for many of the top international companies in this field such as Rexroth, Danfoss and Uniflex, to provide you with the best services and support. 

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We know what it means, and how to apply, to meet and even exceed your expectations.


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We don’t just work, we build relationships that we proud to support before, while and always.

First class Philosophy

In “Rifaie Group”, we offer a first-class Products, services and solutions for all fields that related to motion and control, as we handle retrofits and turn-key jobs for different industrial sectors such as Metal manufacturing industries, Heavy-duty mobile applications, Mining sectors, Oil & gas, Energy power plants, and all industrial sectors.


Meet our modern products



We represent many first-class brands in all of their Hydraulic components and spare parts with various brands.



We can provide you with all needed pneumatic components and systems such as valves, actuators, cylinders, and all related products.



We can offer the whole filtration needs, either as filter elements or filtration units and tools with various brands.

Some of Our

Featured Projects

As we supply products, apply services, and hold technical trainings, along with the trust of our customers, we have gladly achieved a lot of projects in different sectors during the past 40 years.